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50 gallon whiskey barrel motorcycle trailer building plans

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Motorcycle Trailer FAQ

A quick look at some common questions about motorcycle trailers.
How do I know if my ride is able to pull a motorcycle trailer behind it?
The short answer is that you don't. Unless it comes rated from the manufacturer and has a hitch installed on it, it is not designed to haul a trailer. But that does not mean that it can't.

How much weight can be hauled in a pull behind motorcycle trailer?
Depending on the trailer, the axles should have a max load rating as well as a load rating from the trailer manufacturer. Don't forget, this does not mean that your motorcycle can haul that much weight, or bring it to a stop.

Which pull behind motorcycle trailer is best for me?
Now that is a hard question to answer. I recommend that you check out several different options, and one will stand out to you and your own personal tastes.

Does Harley Davidson manufacturer a pull behind motorcycle trailer?
As far as I know, NO. I have seen some custom paint work and vinyl graphics added to some stock trailers that look as if they were designed to be pulled behind a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.