Motorcycle Camper Trailers

There is a pretty wide range of trailer options for pulling behind your bike if you are thinking about going camping. From solid units that are generally a little heavier, to pop-up units. Dealers for each are located across the US and there are plans online to build your own if you want to go the DIY route.

“Store bought” camping trailers

Obviously, this is the easy and fast way to go. And, you might think it’s the more expensive choice. However, given the cost of plans, materials, tools, equipment, furnishings and other requirements, a DIY camping trailer can become a money pit pretty quickly. You do, however, get to enjoy the process (if that is what you enjoy) and the pride of having built it yourself.

If you’re going to buy a motorcycle camper trailer, you basically have two choices: solid and pop-up. The upside of a solid camping trailer is that it is, well, solid. There’s no canvas-like material involved. You can lock it, and it can include things like electronics (and many do). In fact, the features list on some solid camping trailers is about half electronics. Mostly video equipment. One design that has stood the test of time is the teardrop trailer. The shape makes for a good combination of efficient use of space and efficient airflow on the road.

Now, for the downside. Solid camping trailers are comparatively heavy and small. When you build a solid shell, you can be sure it’s not going to get any bigger. And, to make the trailer light a small enough to tow behind a motorcycle, interior space will be limited. Having said that, the interior can be quite luxurious in some cases. You may not be able to stand. Or even kneel. But, you’ll have a comfortable bed that’s inside something solid. You may even have a sound system, TV and more. It will just be a bit on the tiny side.

Pop-up campers, on the other hand, are amazing in their ability to become larger than life. That is to say, a whole lot larger than they are in tow. The top flips up and all sorts of incredible things happen. Depending on which camper you have, you may have plenty of room to stand up, sleeping room for four to six people, access to a cooler and a lot more.

While you will have comfort, you probably won’t have luxury. You’ll sleep off the ground and on something soft, you’ll be inside and you may even have room to stand up a walk around a little. If you want technology, though, you’ll have to carry it with you. These days, however, a quality smartphone and a good set of headphones may be all you need. And you can carry those in your pocket and saddlebags.

DIY/Custom camping trailers

This is where it can get truly amazing, odd and often downright weird. Check out some of our examples and search around for some of your own. The creativity of our fellow humans – particularly those with design and mechanical skills – never ceases to amaze! If you’re looking for a very basic design idea, we have one right here.

We mentioned the teardrop trailer design earlier. In addition to being available from many manufacturers, they can also be fairly easy to construct. If you’re handy with a welder, you can build a simple frame yourself. If not, you’ll have to get one made for you, or buy a small, flat trailer. Then, create the basic teardrop shape out of wood, aluminum or a combination of the two and let your imagination go wild on the interior. The website Make has an overview of building your own teardrop camping trailer here.

One great site to see an abundance of self-made camping trailers is Pinterest. You can spend an evening getting ideas for designing, building and decorating your rolling work of art. Begin your quest with a Google search and let the web take you where it will.

So, look around online and especially when you go to motorcycle gatherings. Explore the possibilities and determine which solution fits your needs. Your needs for space, comfort, technology, “towability” and cost. Make your exploration part of the fun. Check back here from time to time. We’re always looking for more interesting choices and options.

Regardless of your decision, hauling a trailer to go camping opens up all sorts of possibilities for new riding destinations and more scenic- off the path routes. I hope you can experience the freedom that trailering a camper can bring to your ride.

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