In my experience, the end result of your trailer project is a combination of two things, quality of the builder (that’s you) and the quality of the components and materials used and installed.

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Biker Gear:


Trailer Building Essentials


Wheels and Tires:

  • Wheel and  Tire Packages – The #1 stop for mostly anything online. Prices will always be the best, shipping can add to bottom line cost.



  • Half Torsion Axles  – Torsion Axles will take the “spring out” of your trailers ride. 


Wiring and Lights:

  • Wiring Kits  –  Grab an entire kit for a basic trailer package and customize it to suit your needs.


Swivel Hitch:


Bits and Pieces:

  • Coupler – Hook it up and tow it anywhere.
  • Lockable Latches  – Find the right latches to lock up your trailers contents. 
  • Locks– Your trailer cost time and money, be sure to lock it up when you travel.
  • Safety Chains – Safety first right? Don’t forget to do the “drop test.”
  • License Plate Frames – Get a plane one, or a shiny one, it’s your trailer.
  • Solar Power – Northern Tool –  Listen to the radio when you stop? How about some lighting at night? Solar power and battery systems are any easy fix and keep you moving on your next adventure.


Tools and Hardware:

  • Northern Tool – Where I find the best prices on power tools for all my building needs.
  • Amazon Tools – Another great resource for all sorts of tools, tool sets,  and materials.


Frame Kits:

  • Trailer Frame kit – Short cut the build with a bolt together frame kit, easy to build.


For the Bike (Don’t forget about the bike!):



Ride Safe and Get Lost,

Karl Steinemyer


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