Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Gloves, not every biker wears them. Not every biker needs them. I am not one of those people, and perhaps you are not either. For this I turned into somewhat of a little glove addict and purchased several pairs per year, for the last few riding seasons here in Michigan. Because we see all four seasons here, I’ve also tried several cold weather riding gloves and put down my favorites ones below.

Top 10 Biker Gloves

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When I pulled of this big lights bar mounted between the front two forks of my bike it really cleaned up the front end look. There was this over-sized horizontal bar just to hold the front left and right blinkers. So now where do they go? In the handlebars. More specifically, I swapped out the stock grips for some new one that came to a point (or spike) at the endpoints, and have a the blinkers inside of them.

They look great, but do not have any rubber grip on them – at all. More chrome = yes. Less grip, also yes. One more reason I alwyas ride with a good pair of riding gloves.


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Ride Safe and Get Lost,

Karl Steinemyer