Car and Boat Motorcycle Trailers

A collection of some  Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers made to look like boats and cars. Motorcycle trailers are an easy way to haul what you want, when you want. Don’t think that your motorcycle can haul a trailer? Check these out.

“Bikers enjoy, and be creative.”  – Karl Steinmeyer


Car and Boat Motorcycle Trailers:

Ah Toys. What is better than having a motorcycle? Pulling a model of  your other toys behind it! Some of us just can’t seem to decide which vehicle to show off and when. Enter the car/boat motorcycle trailer.

Your love for all things motor-sports can see no end. From cars and boats, to planes and trains. Ok, I have not seen any planes or trains yet, but I have seen some very cool whiskey barrel trailers. The options are simply wide open when you start get creative. And if you are anything like some of the Bikers and Motorcyclists that I have encountered on the road, than I would risk a small bet that says you are.

One of the best bits about owning one of these boat/car trailers is that you are not very likely to see anything like it on the road. The high uniqueness along side a custom paint job truly makes these types of motorcycle trailers one-of-a-kind.

Boats and Cars not your thing?  (what is the matter with you?)  How about coffinscampers, or customs?


Easy DIY Motorcycle Trailer Parts Kit:

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