Yamaha Motorcycle Trailers

Yamaha Motorcycle Trailers, after my own heart. My first bike was a Yamaha V-star 650cc and I rode the hell out of that thing. With shorty pipes that bike was loud and I can still remember the shaft drive giving it that tiny little bit of torque off the line. That first bike,….

Anyways, here are a few Yamaha motorcycles with trailers in tow. Hope this gives you a few ideas if you are thinking about putting one behind your own sometime soon.

“Bikers enjoy, and be creative.”  – Karl Steinmeyer

Yamaha Motorcycle Trailers:

As you can see, there are many different types of motorcycles trailers. The Yamaha brand of motorcycles does not specifically manufacture a model of trailer that you can purchase directly. However, you can purchase one (or build one) and go ahead and support your brand of bikes. (Harley-Davidson is pretty well known for this). And most likely Yamaha doesn’t mind you doing a bit of free advertising for them 🙂

 Back to that first bike….

Here is what happened to my first yammy. It still brings a little tear to my eye, that is until I remember that I had full coverage insurance on it and replaced it with a 1700 Roadstar. Still,..

2001 Yamaha road star post fire.

Don’t neglect your storage insurance. 🙂



Top Trailers for Sale on Ebay

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Easy DIY Motorcycle Trailer Parts Kit:

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