About Us

That’s me, a 31 year old husband, father, and proud biker.(OK, that’s not me, I’m at the bottom)


“I make stuff and sh*t happen” has been my war-cry for sometime, and will be for as long as I make stuff and sh* happen.

After buying my first bike and getting married, I quickly discovered the need for more storage room for traveling. Hard bags, leather bags, and trunks just did not seem do the trick for me. Some look great, but did not provide enough space. Some provided a little more space, but just did not look the part.

The quest for a trailer was born and I was off.

There are a lot of manufactures spread across the U.S making variations of some good looking and well built trailers. The trailers with good design and functionality where way out of my price range. The trailer’s in the lower price range were either flat bottom, open cages, or junk. None of them seemed to be what I was after, so I turned to designing my own.

After much trial and error I came up with something that I was happy to attach to my scoot, The 50 gallon whiskey barrel trailer.  It turns a lot of heads wherever I go and always sparks up some interesting conversations. I soon realized riding to local events and bike rally’s was just not reaching as far as I would like. That brings me up to where I am now.  Get Lost Trailers, LLC


About Get Lost Trailers LLC

Blending style and innovation with recyclable materials, a new Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer is needed for the next generation of Biker.  This is it.

“Educating new and seasoned riders of the joy and ease of pulling a Pull Behind Motorcycle Cargo Trailer.”

Company Overview:

  • Design and innovation of new Pull Behind Motorcycle Cargo Trailers.
  • Offering DIY solutions and educational materials for building and customizing cargo trailers.
  •  Providing lead generation services for Motorcycle Trailer Suppliers and Manufacturers


More about me.

I currently ride a red Yamaha Roadstar 1700cc and dream about owning at least 3 more bikes, for every kind of riding. Chopper for show, cruiser for long trips, and maybe a trike someday for riding around the world. Of course, all three would be pull a great looking trailer.


How to find me:


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 “Whether you are on the right track or the wrong one, if you just stand still, you are going to get ran the f*ck over. ” – unknown.