Pet Hauler Motorcycle Trailers

A collection of Pet Hauler Motorcycle Trailers.  Some manufactured and some hand crafted; a trailer is an easy way to haul what you want, when you want. “Bikers enjoy, and be creative.”  – Karl Steinmeyer


Pet Hauler Motorcycle Trailers:

He is your buddy, he is your pal. He also wants to go for a ride too. Think you have to leave him home because there is just “not enough room?”  Think again. Pet Hauler Motorcycle Trailers are designed specifically to haul your 4-legged buddy let you bring him (or her) along for the adventure where ever you choose to go.

Some trailer manufacturers make this an option to add on to a trailer and some are custom made (most likely by the owner).  Regardless of the route that you choose, having a pet (or pets) sometimes can hold you back from taking that extended weekend trip you have been dreaming about every Monday morning.

Think about the last time that you started planning a long trip. I need to bring this, and should bring that. The list gets longer exponentially as the trip planning goes on. Then you think, but who is going to watch the dog? Or your wife says that you can’t leave him home for that long. Which kennel should we pay just to leave him him in a cage all day? How much are they going to charge me for that?

Great, one more expense that potentially could hold you back from taking that trip. How many more excuses can creep there way in before it’s just too hard to go. 

Now, you can just bring him along for the ride and stay out as long as you want to. And riding with your friends is what it is all about, my friends.

Ride safe – and Get Lost.


Easy DIY Motorcycle Trailer Parts Kit:

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