How to build a Tow Behind Motorcycle Trailer

A small amount of planning on the front end can save a few hours of work when constructing a Tow Behind Motorcycle Cargo Trailer. Engineers out there like Stan, the builder of this one, have done all the heavy lifting already and are happy to show you (and me) the ropes.

The 1st Time:




The 2nd Time:

mctrailer 2nd time


The 3rd Time:

mctrailer 3rd time


As you can see from the 1st trailer built, to the last one a few minor differences have been made. Fenders, color to match the new bike, and finally a new box with 24 cu ft. of cargo space.

For a detailed description of how to assemble your own trailer from start to finish, including over 20 high quality pictures of the process check out: Home-built motorcycle trailer.

There, Stan explains how he got started  for under $500 and why he chose the setup that he did. The iterations from the first time and how easy it was to adjust along the way to get to the trailer that he ultimately has today. He also continues to update the information to include projects that he has inspired others to build and send in their own pictures to be published. Thanks Stan, Ride Safe.


Easy DIY Motorcycle Trailer Parts Kit:

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“Pulling a trailer behind my bike has changed the way I ride, and I would not want it any other way.”



Karl S

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