Ways To Ride More.

Riding More.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone in your riding group asks  “Hey, want go for a ride Saturday?”

Do you think, Yup, I’m in. Or do you think well…. I’ve got to wash my bike first, then talk the wife into it, then get a babysitter or find someone to feed the dogs.  How many excuses come I up that prevent you from saying “Yes, period.” I know that at least 5 come up every time for me.

Where we going to go?            ( Do I have to plan the trip or follow your lead?)

Who’ going?                             ( Does my wife get along with everyone?)

How much stuff do we need to get packed?        (Where am I going to put it all?)

Can I afford it?                          (easiest excuse to back out of anything, ever.)

Who can I invite?                      (more the merrier, also see number 2)

All valid questions, but why is that sometimes it can be more of a hassle to get all the stars lined up, just to go for a simple bike ride? I tend to think that the more excuses I can eliminate before the question hits, the more likely it is going to happen.

Riding with a purpose, much like life can help define what the goal is. Are you riding to relax? Riding to explore? Sight-seeing? Or just riding to visit someone you haven’t seen in a while? Beginning with the end in mind can help motivate, and also answer the basic questions before they come up. Just getting away from it all should be just that. Not stopping to do this, and stopping to see that person.

Just get away.

A lot of the time for me I am not riding to get away, but riding to get something done. (I get sh*t done, remember?) That can include a lot of various things; visiting friends, running errands, and taking a little vacation on two wheels just to name a few. Each with its own challenges to overcome to make happen. Challenges being what they are, it nice to knock out the easiest ones first and gang a little momentum. Destination, check. Who? Me. (Maybe the wife) Stuff? No problem. Cash, they print more every day.

Whether riding for cause or riding for a reason, keeping it simple can cause you to ride more too.



Karl S


“New bikers need to a have a destination to ride to; seasoned bikers just need a direction.” –unknown to me.


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