Sport Bike Motorcycle Trailers

Got a sport bike and would like to get some more riding time in? Pull a motorcycle trailer and go where you want, when you want. No need to change your riding style, bike, or load up the back end of your motorcycle. Just hook up a trailer and go Get Lost.

“Bikers enjoy, and be creative.”  – Karl Steinmeyer


Sport Bike Motorcycle Trailers:

Play hard, ride harder. You don’t need one of those “slow” cruisers to go for long rides. But where are you going to put all your junk? The answer: you can pull a trailer. (even on a sport bike)

Can you take a turn at 90 mph with a trailer? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t suggest it. You can, however, ride your bike on those trips that you originally ruled out due to lack of space. The single wheeled trailers are attached with a fixed setup and lean into corners with your bike. This means that whatever you put inside (especially coolers) need to be fixed also as you don’t want any weight shifting around on you pulling your tail in the opposite direction that you should be leaning.

Yup, 4 day weekends are back on the drawing board for you.


Top Trailers for Sale on Ebay

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Easy DIY Motorcycle Trailer Parts Kit:

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