Essential Motorcycle Road Trips across the USA

When I first got a motorcycle I’m not sure how old I was, or if I even had a license at the time. I just remember wheeling and dealing a few nice quads that I had at the time and wobbling out of the parking lot on my first two-wheeler. I almost ran into opposing traffic my first turn out, and by the time I got home, I was taking turns so wide that I ran 6ft through the neighbors front lawn.
What a trip. After that, I started riding everywhere I could. Rain or shine, I was going to work, to visit family/friends, and out with friends to the bar. Man I thought I was cool doing that. I quickly released two things:

  • never ride intoxicated; it’s not worth it
  • don’t bring much stuff; there is nowhere to put it.

There really isn’t anywhere to put much of anything other than the jacket on your back and your front two pockets. The idea of a trailer started to slowly form.
The first reason that I have even considered hooking up a trailer to my motorcycle was so that I could take road trips across the country. I mean, why else would you need to bring a bunch of junk along with you? To get groceries? No, it so you can go where you want, and bring whatever you want to when you do.
Here is a list of Essential Road Trips in no particular order. Some you may have heard of, some you haven’t. Either way I hope you get a chance to ride them all.


Essential Motorcycle Road Trips.


These 12 best motorcycle tours around the USA are on the top of my personal list.

12 best motorcycle tours in us

This Oregon trail road trip map looks like a lot of fun too.

oregon trail road trip map


For the family as soon as the midget can ride,…


family road trip usa


The Hipster road trip is on the bucket list, because I want to say that I am on the hipster road trip.


hipster road trip

This is a must. Don’t let it intimidate you. 🙂

The Tail of the Dragon.

Tail of the dragon loop
More trips:

us road trips

I hope that this gives you some ideas for your own list of essential motorcycle road trips to take before you are too old to ride. Life is short, get riding and as always,
Ride safe and Get Lost,

Karl Steinmeyer

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