My top 5 women bikers of 2013

Lady bikers? Moto-women? Biker-mama’s? Biker B!tch*s? We got a lot of names for all the women out there that love the biker lifestyle. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what we can call you. Better to start with what not to call you and work out the details from there:


What not to call a Women Motorcyclist:

  • backrest
  • fair-weather fan
  • a wuss
  • sweetie (unless you are married to that sweetie)
  • Sugar
  • B!tch



ducati biker chick
One thing is for sure, ya’ll are tough. This sport throws it curve balls and present all sorts of challenges. Sometimes  being a lady (I’m just going to say it like it is) adds a few more challenges on top.

This is a short list of a few of my personal favorite lady motorcyclists, for various reasons. You should check them out, they are all interesting and fun to follow their adventures all over the globe.



My Top 5 Lady Bikers of 2013:



1. Motolady – Personnel Blog

motoladyOne of my favorite online adventure/motorcycle blogs to follow, the Motolady is always up to some shenanigans. “Eccentric, stylish, and little weird,” her moto adventures and projects are inspiring to watch. “The Monster Project,” looks like a fun build and will inspire you to get going on that “some-day” project for yourself.


You can also find her just about everywhere online. (here are a few of social favorites)


2. Brenda Fox – Gear, reviews, and all around women motorcycle information

“Ms. Fox created Women Motorcyclist to support, embrace and inspire ALL women riders and ALL that support women and motorcycling.”

Woman Motorcycle Rider BRENDA FOX

Seen in  Score Off Road Racing, training with legend Fast Freddie Spencer, and  Motorcycle Consultant for Robb Report Magazine, Ms. Fox has spent years living inside the two wheeled world.

She has also appeared in motorcycle publications such as Hot BikeEasy RidersAmerican Rider and V-Twin Motorcycling. 

You can also find her on Facebook


3. Rachael (Fuzzy) – Personnal Blog

fuzzy galore (

A Biker Lady that is always on the go. She has a passion for her motorcycles, and loves to blog about it. The Ural is her latest obsession, and following along with her adventures can be addicting,… you have been warned. 


4. Genevieve Schmitt, founder of Women Riders Now     Industry News and updates







5. Regina ~ Steel Cowgirl – Womens clothing and accessories brand.

I originally discovered the steel cowgirl through an image site, pinterest, from all the popular images that are being pinned there. If you have stepped into the cars and motorcycles section, you have seen the steel cowgirl brand.


Bonus #6 –  Eidy Diaz and Haydee Farradas, Bika Chik  – an women’s clothing brand

Bonus #7 – Throttlegirl – Riding for a cause.

throttlegirl for


Ride safe and Get Lost,

Karl Steinmeyer

long hair lady biker