A high quality motorcycle backpack that fits everything

Short trips, heading out for the afternoon, and just dropping of a mother’s day gifts. Sometimes all I need is just to bring a few more “things” than can fit in my pockets along. Not enough to justify hooking up the trailer, but more than what can fit in a typical storage compartment on a motorcycle. (yeah, most of them that is zero.)

Enter the Backpack

This motorcycle backpack by Viking Bags just arrived a few days after placing the order, which is not too unusual to receive an order that quick – but always a welcomed surprise when you do. Being delighted by the arrival time, I decided to shoot a short video of me checking it out right out of the box.

Vikingsbags – producer of high quality storage solutions for motorcycles and motorcycle riders

This is an un-boxing walk through of my new motorcycle backpack from Vikingbags.com

This high-quality leather bag has shoulder and waist straps with 3 separate exterior compartments. Include in each compartment are organizers to keep your items and gear exactly where you want to find them in a nice cataloged area. With a couple extra side quick access pockets, I don’t need to take it off to get at my phone, wallet, or throwing marbles.

The mesh lining allows for air flow between your back and the bag so you will not have an overheated – sweaty back when you get to were you are going.

The 4 compartment (at the bottom on the between the waist supports) holds the additional helmet hood. With just a few clips, this backpack can hold a full size motorcycle helmet for going to pick up that additional rider – or if you just don’t feel like wearing it anymore. 🙂

I really like the mesh back and side supports. The lower belt and chest strap are a nice touch too. This makes for a comfortable ride in high heat weather conditions and for carrying heavier items. I have not tested this bag in the rain yet, but the construction looks like it will prove to keep the water out well.

My wife volunteered to model for a few photos of this bag. Now that she has checked it out and worn it, (and placed a few of her things in it) I may have a hard time getting it back 🙂

I’m looking forward to testing this bag out more, stuffing it with all my gear, and seeing what it can do. I’ve got some pretty high expectations when it comes to my gear, and this one looks like it is going to stand up to just about anything that I try and throw at it – or in it.

Check out more and get one for yourself.


Ride Safe and Get Lost,

Karl Steinmeyer