Intro: Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer

Let’s start with a little introduction and what this page is all about.

Hi, my name is Karl Steinmeyer, I have been riding on two wheels for about 5 years now.  A few things on my “Impossible List” are:

  • Ride across all 50 states in the US and every country in the Western Hemisphere
  • Pull a trailer behind my motorcycle at 120mph
  • Base Jump off 5 Famous Landmarks

Ok, enough about me, more to come on that later…

Let’s talk about what this is all about and what to expect to find here.  Motorcycle cargo trailers, pull behind motorcycle trailers, pet haulers, rolling coolers, (whatever you want to call them); it’s a way of doubling the amount of storage you have when riding a motorcycle. Storage is limited and gear is plenty.  So how do you go for a ride when you can’t pack more than 1 pair of shorts? Hook up a trailer and just go.

Pulling a trailer with a motorcycle can be a scary thought, at first. There can be a lot of questions and concerns when wanting to pull a trailer.

–          Is it safe?

–          How much do they weigh?

–          Is my bike big enough?

–          How much do they cost?

–          Do I need a special endorsement?

–          Special Insurance?

After 4 years of riding and towing, I can say pulling a trailer has changed the way that I ride. I can take longer trips. I can bring a LOT more stuff. I can enjoy traveling anywhere I want and bring, buy, and haul whatever I choose. MY wife gets to shop, I get a full cooler, and we can both bring home souvenirs.

There is a lot of good quality built trailers, and there are also some bad ones.  There are some great hitches for most bikes, and there are some I would not even put on my lawnmower.

What else can you expect to find here?

I hope to create a community of new and seasoned riders with a passion for traveling (and towing) to help support anyone thinking of getting into the sport. Not knowing where to start, where to go, and not having anyone to ask can be some of the biggest hurdles. With a little support, I think anyone can get up the courage to give it a try and enjoy more of the open road.


“If you ride on 2 wheels  (or even 3), you can ride with me.”


Karl S

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