Victory Motorcycles – Victory Vision And Motorcycle Trailer Review By Nepper

“Meet Nepper from Sudbury, Ontario. He purchased his Victory Vision Motorcycle in 2008 and enjoys riding. To extend his riding season, he converted a cargo trailer into a Toy Hauler/Camper he affectionately calls The Redneck Resort. He’s also is known for towing a Gypsy Scarab Trailer behind his motorcycle.”

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This video is filled with great info and insights so the next time you go on that long over-due trip, you too can Go Get Lost.


1:00 Source of a LOT of information

1:50 “It’s my decision,” she said. “Good thing.”

3:15 Extend your riding time

4:10 The Redneck Resort

5:14 Custom patch for the Redneck Resort

6:56 Trailer-ing is great.

8:11 Sky-shot of Nepper’s Trailer the Gypsy Scarab

8:50 Call Out to the new owners, “Don’t know what he is doing.”

9:20 What’s it like to tow a trailer?

10:20 We travel so much with the trailer, even short trips.

11:08 Gattlin’ exhaust tips (they are pretty f’in sweet)


And be sure to go check out the VOG community. If you have questions, they have answers. Answers by real people using and loving the brands products and services. I started a new thread asking some basic questions about pull behind motorcycle trailers, that I was expecting to get 1 or 2 responses (maybe even by a salesman). Within hours, over 20 responses pored in from real people with real insights and real knowledge about what I was asking. Sure a few were a little spammy (some spammers just can’t help themselves) but most were thought out, genuine responses.


Thanks VOG,

Ride Safe,


Karl S


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