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The Motorcycle Industry is a fantastic place to work and do business in. I love to ride and talk with other riders. Anything motorcycle, any brand, any shape, any size. All riders certainly are not created equal, and the diversity spans across a lot of different time zones and cultures.
I thought I would share a recent chat with a rider writing in from the UK who built his own trailer to tow behind his Hayabusa.

Take it away Chris….

Hayabusa with single wheel motorcycle trailer
“Hi,Just thought l would drop by and show the unit l designed and built.
Having first spent a small fortune on top box and pannier system for the Busa to enable us to go 2 up on a camping trip to the Dutch TT, that trip was hard work! The Busa being a wide ass bike in the first place without the panniers was a nightmare to slide through traffic and with that, we were still restricted it what we could carry! l decided for next time another solution was needed to enable us to go camping in comfort.

Having mulled through the web l decided to build this trailer, there are already some very good units built ready for sale, but l wanted something that could take a good load and still be no wider than the bike give me a maximum capacity, all inside the rules and regs and able to store in the corner of the garage when not needed.
This an all aluminium frame with roller bearing on all the pivot points. tow hitch through the axle fitting is at the moment a straight bolt nut and split pin affair, it takes a bit of hooking up, but its solids only takes 3 min to break off.

The wheel, a 13 inch, was found on the great Ebay off a Piaggio scooter, rear shock is an air affair with full control of compression and rebound, electrics and final fitting was not a problem being a Electrical fitter by trade anyway. Capacity of the trailer is around of 300lts all carried low down.  As for towing you just do not know its there, and its been up to some silly speeds l mean silly!!

We now carry in 2no 120lt tote bags, table, chairs, winter sleeping bags, double blow up bed and 3 man tent!

Mods in the pipe line are for it to have it’s own support legs so that it converts into an additional table unit on the camp site.
The unit draws a lot of attention from the touring bikers, some frown other stand in disbelief and want to know more lol.

One thing is for sure it works and it work fine. As for restricting the bike speed, we went this year to the Dutch TT with the trailer, on the way back we encountered strong cross winds on the motorway my mates on the BMW GS 1200 loaded solo with camping gear could not keep pace with the Busa 2 up with trailer, the unit was solid and stable. Latest trip F1 in Belgium 200 miles covered in under 3 hrs enough said. Weight of the trailer is on only 26kg, the limit here in the U/K is 150 kg gross so plenty of capacity.”



Hayabusa with single wheel motorcycle trailerHayabusa with single wheel motorcycle trailer











Looks great Chris! Thanks again for sharing your story and how you did it.

If you would like to share your story, pictures of your trailer setup, or just want to say “Hi,” head on over to the Contact page and send me an email.
No need to sacrifice riding style or change motorcycles to haul what you want, when you want it.
Thanks again Chris, you have inspired me and I can only hope that you story can inspire others to get out there and Get Lost.


Karl S

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