Bring the stuff you want on your next motorcycle adventure

Ever wanted to ride that motorcycle somewhere but needed to take a few extra things along? What happens? Maybe a backpack. Maybe a front pack. Maybe a backpack, front pack, saddlebags, trunk, handlebar roll, front fork bungee contraption. What if you strapped everything that you possibly could to all sides of your bike and still wanted/needed to bring MORE STUFF?


Innovators, (what I like to refer to them as) like these two have got you beat when it comes to thinking “outside the bike.”

Your bike can haul more than you think.
When it comes to weight restrictions a lot has been written on the subject. Check your owners manual and see whats in there. You’ll find out how much weight your bike can carry. This number might be lower than you think or want it to be. What you won’t find is how much your bike can haul. Motorcycles are not designed and therefore not tested to haul anything. This does not mean that they can’t. I’ve been hauling a lot of weight behind mine for quite sometime.

Running down the road, going to work, or packing for a 3000 mile trip, you need gear, the right gear, and sometimes lots of it.
Having more options and securing more storage space can only make the choice between the ride and the cage an easier one.

Ride Safe and Get Lost,

Karl S

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