Introducing: BikerKarl


BikerKarl is a collection of what I have learned about motorcycling, riding, trailering, and Biker Life. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I have been helped out by my friends, family, and bikers old and young.

I’ve also stumbled my way across some amazing people on many adventures and most of the time not ever finding out their names. Although I have learned a lot from these people, I’m always learning more and don’t care to stop anytime soon.

Unfortunately, attributing what I have learned to its original source would be a daunting list and I don’t think anyone would care to read it much.

Enter BikerKarl.

I’d like to be able to point here, to this page, as a way of thanking the people in my life that have brought me to where I am today, you might know who you are, you might not. Every time BikerKarl enters the picture, a link to this page will be there to be able to easily get to, and build on, all of the people that I have to be thankful for. This is where I will put up useful link, discounts, and other good stuff I can give away, aside from all the written info.

Ok, enough gabbing about how grateful I am…. “Attitude of gratitude.” – got to have it.

What’s coming up?

  • Wiring basics (The Do’s and Dont’s)
  • Why 12inch wheels are more than 4 inches better than 8′s.


Karl S

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