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One of the most common questions here at Get Lost Trailers is what types of trailers are there who pulls them? So I collected a few statistics to provide you with a general overview of the types of pull behind motorcycle trailers that are available for your motorcycle. All different types of riders and bikers pull trailers and all age classes pull them.

I hooked up my first trailer at the age of 26 behind a Yamaha Road Star. It’s been a fun ride and I continue to tinker and develop new trailers for it every year. I’ve got some exciting announcements for the spring of 2014, so sign-up to the mailing list and be the first to hear about it!

Statistics from the Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer 2013 overview above:

Types of Motorcycle Trailers:

  1. Single Wheel Motorcycle Trailer
  2. 2 Wheel Motorcycle Trailer
  3. Custom Motorcycle Trailer
  4. Camper Motorcycle Trailer

How popular are pull behind motorcycle trailers?

  • 13%  Single/Mono trailers
  • 21%  Two Wheel trailers
  • 15%  Custom trailers
  • 8%  Barrel trailers
  • 31%  Home-made trailers
  • 7%  Car replica trailers
  • 7%  Boat Replica trailers
  • 11% Camper trailers

Who pulls trailers with their motorcycles?

Men make up the majority with ages:

  • 18-24 = 4%
  • 25-34 = 10%
  • 35-44 = 20%
  • 45-54 = 24%
  • 55-64 = 11%
  • 65+  =  4%

and women:

  • 18-24 = 1%
  • 25-34 = 4%
  • 35-44 = 5%
  • 45-54 = 10%
  • 55-64 = 5%
  • 65+  =  2%


So 59% of all the bikers (men and women) I surveyed are between the ages of 35-54. Not surprising that a huge portion of the audience falls here. I’d place a bet that these numbers would be close to the overall motorcycle sales numbers as well. (Full disclosure: I am a biker 😉

I hope this provided a little insight into who and what types of bikers and trailers are out there on the road. As always, if you see a unique trailer out there go ahead and snap a pic of it and send it in and I might feature it here on the site!

Ride safe and Get Lost,

Karl Steinmeyer


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