One wheel motorcycle trailer or two wheel motorcycle trailer?

Which one is better for you? A one-wheel motorcycle trailer that leans into each and every corner, or a two-wheel motorcycle trailer with enough storage capacity for a 2 week camping trip?

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There is no easy answer. It depends on what you want out of your trailer and also on your riding style.


What you should consider when making your choice of motorcycle trailers:

Wind resistance?
Road footprint?
Storage Capacity?
Track behind better?
Lane splitting a factor?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of making your choice.


When it comes to tongue weight, it usually depends on how heavy the cargo is. There is more weight control when using two-wheel trailers compared to single wheel trailers. Most of the time, the single wheel is at the far rear of the trailer. This transfers most of the weight to the hitch and the rear wheel of the bike. Two wheel trailers can balance the weight more as the weight is shared by its two wheels, with the axle closer to the center of the trailer. This allows more weight to be distributed on the axle.


Another advantage of a two-wheel motorcycle trailer is that it stands on its own when you hook or unhook it as compared to single wheel motorcycle trailers. Adding on a tongue stand will keep it off the ground and provide easy access to the contents  You will need to balance a single wheel trailer when  unhooking from your motorbike. Unless the trailer is leaned on a wall or post, you will need to balance the single wheel trailer, or leave it attached to a leaning bike.

Wind resistance

With pull behind motorcycle trailers, wind resistance connects with the driving speed of the motorcycle. The spacing between the motorbike and the trailer should also be taken into consideration since a lot of drag is formed in this space. This shape and form of the trailer can reduce wind resistance and create more balance. Closed trailers are also more resistant to air. For open trailers, it is advisable to cover the load with canvas.

Road footprint

Single wheel trailers are very convenient when passing through narrow roads compared to two wheel trailers. In states and countries where “lane splitting” is legal, these trailers conveniently follow the bike’s path and movement. Two wheel motorcycle trailers, on the other hand, are wider and sometimes create an obstacle.

Storage capacity

When it comes to heavy loading, I  use a two wheel motorbike trailer. Because they are wider, they are more spacious compared to single wheel trailers. Two-wheel trailers are very useful for loading cargo and camping. For lightweight travel or if you “ride it like you stole it” at all times, single wheel trailers work best.

Electronic brakes are available for both single wheel and two-wheel trailers; however, I do not to use them. Instead a little caution and looking down the road make for a good substitute. Any type of malfunction in the electrical system or in the mechanics of the brakes create a very dangerous scenario, one that I am willing to avoid with some defensive driving.


Two wheels on the road can also add to the amount of friction and resistance to moving in the forward direction. With more resistance, more energy and fuel may be needed. Not much more, but I wanted to add that point here for arguments sake.

Ultimately your riding style and what you are wanting to get out of your trailer will lead you to one that is most suitable for your needs. You may have to make some compromises; not any one trailer can satisfy everything listed above.

I know that pulling a trailer behind my motorcycle has changed the way we ride and the way we travel, mostly “We do more of it.”


Ride Safe,

Karl S


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