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8 inch tires vs. 12 inch tires

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8 inch trailer tires vs. 12 inch trailer tires It’s a rough road out there. Exploring, or adventure riding, can lead down some unknown roads. Sometimes, this is my favorite kind of riding. Exploring new paths, finding great hideaways, and getting well off the main road can turn into an adventure of a life-time. Don’t […]

Motorcycle Trailer History

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I’m not a history buff, but I stumbled upon this story one day and thought it warranted sharing. I’m not sure of its truth, where it comes from, or even who said it first.  It goes a little something like this: “Way back in the early 1900’s when motorcycles first hit the road, a trailer […]

To Chain or Not to Chain

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Safety Chains are elegantly named for exactly what they provide,   – SAFTEY  –   and I strongly recommend that you use them. Not only do they save you the time of checking which state laws require that you use them, they provide a comfort level that sometimes can be hard to come by when towing a […]