50 Gallon Whiskey Barrel Motorcycle Trailer Building Plans

One of the earliest motorcycle trailers for yanking behind my motorcycle was the 50 Gallon Whiskey Barrel Trailer. It was a lot of fun building and gets a lot of attention on the road.

To answer some of the most common questions I get about its construction, I wanted to share the set of Building Instructions for it.



Click here to view or download the PDF of the Working Instructions


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  About me Page.

And here is a very short video on how to pack your Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer for the weekend:

Custom Trailer Building Parts Kit:

IIT 16965 LED Trailer Light Kit
2x 12 x 4 Aluminum Star Trailer Wheel 5 Lug w/ 5.30-12 LR C Trailer Tire Mounted
550 lb. Capacity Adjustable Torsion Half Axles (5-4.5\
Husky 87073 2\
All the parts you will need to build that custom pull behind motorcycle trailer after the framing
Package Price: $48.48
(as of 05/24/2016 17:03 PST - Details)


Ride Safe and Get Lost,

Karl S